The historical* art nouveau style DARLING built in 1907 or the silent and secure ECO boats REBEKA, LAIMA and MARIA. During the ride on the canal and the River Daugava you will see the most popular sightseeing objects.
* Favourite recreational boat of the Swedish pop band “ABBA”.

Length of the ride: ~ 1 hour

Boarding: Bastion Hill (Bastejkalns) pier (specially equipped). 100 metres from the Freedom Monument.




Sightseeing by canal boat

Riga City Canal and Daugava River

Business hours​: 10:00 - 19:00

Business hours​: 10:00 - 19:00

Boarding: Bastion Hill (Bastejkalns) pier (specially equipped). 100 metres from the Freedom Monument.

Length of the ride: ~ 1 hour. The interval between trips on average 20 to 30 minutes.

0 m/s
1006.5 mm
Event ship
Germany 1907
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When the idea and possibility of going around the Riga Canal and the River Daugava emerged, a search for a boat began. The author of the projects’ idea accidentally got a hold of an old postcard with a boat that was visually suitable for use in Riga: with a roof, closed part and an open part. The wooden fleet enthusiast Zigmārs Spunde found a similar boat on the Internet – it was the DARLING, located in Stockholm. When looking at the boat in Stockholm it was clear that it was going to be transported to Riga without knowing whether it will fit under the low bridges of the Riga Canal.

The previous owner of the boat was Lars Anderson, son of Stig Anderson, producer of the legendary Swedish band ABBA. Members of ABBA had relaxed on DARLING and had taken rides with it on Swedish waters. On 4 April 2007 DARLING was brought to Riga by ferry and was registered. The first rides on the Riga Canal and the River Daugava could be organised.

The boat DARLING is built in 1907 at the Engelbrecht Yacht Plant in Berlin, Germany. Power: 1 X 36.8. Speed: 20 knots.

Event ship
Housing in the U.S.(2007), Body Latvia (2008)
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The canal ride attracted tourists, as well as locals, and it was decided to look for additional help for the boat DARLING. A hull that would be appropriate in size for use in the canal was found on the Internet in the U.S. ELCO (Electric Launch, Inc.). It was transported to Riga in March of 2008, but was soon taken to the Oleri manor in Rūjiena, where in the workshop Green Feet (Zaļās pēdas) a body was built in accordance with the sketch of A. Čaunāns, author of the idea. The boat was given the name MARIA in honour of his daughter. The boat was adjusted to the safety requirements effective in Latvia and was registered in the Maritime Administration of Latvia.

MARIA is the smallest of the boats – its length is 9.4 metres.

Passenger ship
Housing in the U.S. (2008), Body Latvia (2008)
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The demand for the pleasant boat rides increased, the amount of tourists grew constantly and it was not enough with the two boats DARLING and MARIA. In 2008 the next hull was found in the same plant U.S. ELCO (Electric Launch, Inc.), but this time it had a bigger seating capacity. It was transported to Latvia in a container and then taken to the Oleri manor in Rūjiena, where it was improved in the workshop Green Feet. That is how REBEKA was made, named in honour of the oldest daughter of A. Čaunāns, author of the idea.

Passenger ship
Latvia 2010
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Now there were already three boats offering rides on the Riga Canal. With tourism improving the demand was only increasing and we started to think about the fourth boat. But it was expensive to buy it in the U.S., bring it to Latvia and rebuild it. That is why the risky decision of building it here was made. We had no experience that could help with the process, we searched for information on the Internet and the documentation and drawings of DARLING were found by accident in an English company Selwoy Fisher Designe that sold them to us. It turned out that the Engelbrecht Yacht Plant, where DARLING was built, was bombed during World War II, but the company’s documentation was taken to England. That is how it was possible to find the drawings with the help of the century turn and modern technologies. The construction of a DARLING replica began, but during the building process certain corrections were made and the new boat did not turn out as an exact replica, however that might be a good thing, because every boat has its own history and look. That is how our LAIMA was made.

Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument has been standing in the centre of the city for almost hundred years. This granite and copper work of art symbolises the Latvian nation’s desire for independence and freedom. In the hands of the Freedom Monument three stars shine brightly, and they are dedicated to the culture-historical regions of Latvia – Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale. On its pedestal the words “For Fatherland and Freedom” can be seen. The Freedom Monument was revealed on 18 November 1935 and it was built for the money donated by the people. The Freedom Monument is 42.7 metres high.

Brīvības piemineklis
Latvian National Opera

The White House of Riga – Latvian National Opera – has been working on Aspazijas Boulevard since 1923 by staging six performances on average during a season from September to May and by maintaining a balance between opera and ballet. Together more than 200 performances are demonstrated during a season, as well as several symphonic and chamber music concerts are performed.

56.949391, 24.114284
Латвийская национальная опера
Central Market

The Central Market is the central and largest market of Riga. It is located in the centre of the city, in the Moscow Suburb, south from the city canal, opposite to the Riga International Coach Terminal. Maskavas, Gogoļa and Turgeņeva Streets are located on the other sides of it.
Nowadays the market is a popular place for shopping, as well as an interesting place for sightseeing. It is still one of the biggest marketplaces in the centres of European cities. The approximate number of people going to the market varies between 40 000 to 160 000 a day.

Spīķeri Quarter

The Spīķeri Quarter is a complex of buildings between Maskavas, Turgeņeva and Krasta Streets. The Spīķeri embankment next to the quarter stretches from the old abutment of the Railway Bridge to the Island Bridge. The industrial aesthetics of the Spīķeri territory included in the UNESCO Worlds Heritage List serve as inspiration for further development.

56.942312, 24.114018
Spīķeru kvartāls
National Library of Latvia

Opposite to Old Riga, on the left bank of the River Daugava, rises the new building of the National Library of Latvia (NLL) – Castle of Light, which is one of the most impressive cultural buildings built in Latvia over the past decades. The Castle of Light is intended as a multifunctional cultural and education centre, a repository of knowledge.

56.941142, 24.096878
Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka
Old Riga panorama

The oldest part of the city of Riga, as well as the neighbourhood between K. Valdemāra Street, Z. A. Meierovica Boulevard, Aspazijas Boulevard, 13. janvāra Street and 11th November Embankment. As of 1967 Old Riga is an area protected by the state, it has been a town planning monument since 1983 and in 1997 the historical centre of Riga, including Old Riga, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but in 2007, owing to the panorama and silhouette of Old Riga, Riga received the European Heritage Label.

56.949094, 24.104765
Vecrīgas panorāma
Big Christopher (Lielais Kristaps)

According to a legend, once upon a time a very strong man settled on the bank of the River Daugava and carried people across it for a living. One dark night he was approached by a little boy who asked to carry him across the river. Although there was a storm, the man could not refuse help to the little boy – he picked him up and started carrying him. In the middle of the river the load had become so heavy that the man could carry the boy further only with the greatest of effort. He summoned his strength and carried the boy to the other side. It turned out that the boy was the son of Christ and that is why the man was named Christopher. Nowadays the statue of Big Christopher can be seen on the bank of Daugava.

56.949711, 24.100125
Lielais Kristaps
Riga Castle

Already for more than 700 years the Riga Castle rises from the bank of the River Daugava. During the past centuries it has been demolished several times, it has also seen the reign of countless rulers and gone through a number of wars. Nowadays the Riga Castle is the residence of the president of the Republic of Latvia and also a museum has been created in it.

56.950967, 24.100822
Rīgas Pils
Riga Passenger Terminal

The Riga Passenger Terminal is located almost in the heart of Riga – a 20 minute walk away from the National Opera and the Freedom Monument. The road to the centre runs through a park and the quiet centre of Riga with astonishing art nouveau architecture in Alberta Street can also be found nearby. Therefore a walk from the terminal to the centre will be a lovely way to see the city for the first time.

56.959254, 24.094644
Rīgas pasažieru osta

Yacht club “Andrejosta”. Several restaurants are located on the shore.

56.958174, 24.096428
Freeport of Riga Authority

Freeport of Riga Authority on the shore of the canal in Kronvalda Park.

56.957110, 24.103918
Rīgas Brīvostas Pārvalde
Kronvalda Park

Due to a gift from Tsar Nicholas I after excavating the city walls in 1862 the Riga German riflemen received 13 hectares of land on the right side of the canal in 1863, the so called Riflemen garden (Strēlnieku dārzs). In 1883 the garden master of Riga Georgs Kūfalts developed a plan for improving the Riflemen garden and began the organisation of greenery by leaving a wide area next to the canal empty, where during the second part of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century building materials, firewood and other goods were delivered to the city through the canal. A lot of attention was given to the flowerbeds and the rosary which consisted of approximately 2000 rosebushes. A Society house and a shooting-range was built. The garden was available only to the members of the Society. 

Kronvalda parks
Latvian National Theatre

The main focus of the Latvian National Theatre repertoire is placed on original drama. The Latvian National Theatre is established on 30 November 1919. The main hall has 850 seats and the actor hall has 100, the company consists of 44 actors, 21 contract actors, and 14 directors. The National Theatre stages performances for a very broad range of viewers in accordance with the main goal of the National Theatre – to provide a varied repertoire and a differential ticket price policy that allows all interested persons to see the plays. The theatre regularly offers discounts on ticket prices for different social groups, as well as in the form of special offers.

56.953451, 24.105063
Latvijas Nacionālais teātris
Bastion Hill (Bastejkalns)

In 1856 the walls of the fortress of Riga were torn down, the Sand bastion was replaced by a hill which now possesses the name Bastion Hill. With narrow paths, tree lanes, a rock garden and water cascade the Bastion Hill is one of the most beautiful and romantic places for walking in Riga. The park located right next to the Freedom Monument has been providing pleasure for one’s eyes and peace for one’s soul for more than a hundred years. The mood in Bastion Hill is always special regardless of the time of the year.

56.952034, 24.110441
Important to know

Because of private bookings interval between trips can be longer ~ 40 min. If the wind speed gusts increasing up 18-20 meters per second we don't go. We can change the route or schedule in case of bad weather, rain, strong wind or high water levels.

Canal boat tour ~ 1h
Adults18.00 €
Childs9.00 €
Boat trip ~ 1h +bus day ticket
Adults27.00 €
Canal boat rentals
Rental rates per hour:
MARIA (max. 8 seats) 110,- EUR (including VAT);
REBEKA (max. 17 seats) 180,- EUR (including VAT);
DARLING (max.13 seats) 200,- EUR (including VAT);
LAIMA (max. 19 seats) 220,- EUR (including VAT).

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About Us

“Rigabycanal” is a water tourism and tour project located in the centre of the city. This year we are starting our eighth season and we offer our clients individual and group rides on the canal next to Old Riga and on the River Daugava.

The offered route consists of sightseeing spots in Old Riga, as well as on the left bank of the River Daugava, thus giving the opportunity to see the city from a different point of view.

It is a possibility to see the bridges of Riga, the legendary Central Market, the picturesque architecture of Old Riga, as well as the industrial environment within the territory of Andrejosta.