A weekend in Riga


If you don’t want your plans for the weekend to be limited to going to the cinema, cafe or a bar, it’s time to get acquainted to Riga – the city that can offer you much more. Not only those, who live in the city every day, but also those, who come here from near and far places, can’t resist the temptation of Riga. Each citizen or guest, who is planning to spend a weekend in Riga, may choose from many opportunities, since the treasures of the city are nearly inexhaustible.

In order to make the process of planning your leisure easier, it is advisable to consider the experience of other people – take into account the recommendations of your friends and loved ones, or you can also search for help on the Internet.  The New York Times knows the answer to the question „How to spend a weekend in Riga? What to do in Riga?”. Their homepage proposes the visitors of Riga to start their trip right in the centre of the city, exploring the very heart  – the Old Town.

The Old Town offers a wide range of entertainment options, in this part of the city anyone can find something to do and something to see – regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity and interests! The picturesque scenery of the Old Town and the most popular sightseeing attractions can be explored in many different ways and from different angles. It does not have to be only the usual walk and a bike ride – you can get to know the city while being closer to heaven, looking at it from a tower building or from a church tower, or you can go on a tourist trip by water – escorted by a skilled captain of a boat!

Along with the warm weather coming into town, the water traffic and excursion tourism project „Riga by canal” once again starts offering their clients to spend a weekend in Riga and take an educational tour by the Riga Canal and the river Daugava. During the tour you will get to see places and buildings included in every Riga tourism brochure on the list of things to see from a totally different view.

You can go on a boat trip on your own or in a group. The tour is one hour long, and during this hour you will not get bored even for a second, because the sightseeing attractions will follow one after another. The Latvian National Theatre, Andrejosta, the Riga Castle, the panoramic view of the Old Town, the National Library of Latvia, and many more, so that your visit to the city brings you not only amazing emotions and great memories, but also new knowledge!

The clients of „Riga by canal” can choose any of the four specially designed  boats. The boat „Maria” is the smallest one of all the offered crafts, it can take up to 8 guests aboard. The boats „Darling”, „Rebeka” and „Laima” are a little more spacious  – they can take aboard up to 19 passengers.
A weekend in Riga together with your loved one, friends or family? No matter who you are with, it is time to spend some time together! Moreover, if Riga is unfamiliar to you, it is about time to get to know it better! The sights of the Old Town and of the left bank of the river Daugava will not disappoint you! The picturesque scenery is great for taking amazing photos that you can show to your friends afterwards or keep them in a photo album in memory of your visit to Riga.

What to do in Riga, if you want to spend some quality time with your family and children, who often can be very discerning when it comes to searching for entertainment. Parents want to offer their offspring something that might seem interesting to them, and useful at the same time. The water tour is one of those things that are both entertaining and educational – it can not only entertain the child, but also complement their knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, the boat trip will bring joy not only to the little travellers, but also the senior school students, as well as to other visitors.

Regardless of who you are with on your way to Riga for exploring and getting to know the city, you can be sure that it will become a truly enjoyable adventure for all of you! Forget the question “How to spend a weekend in Riga?” The city offers you not only historical sites and picturesque views, but also excellent places of amusement, concerts, exhibitions and events than constantly keep gathering new crowds of interested people on the streets. Succumb to the Riga temptation too!

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