Latvia is sought out as a tourist destination for a range of reasons, and one not to be left unmentioned among them is its capital Rīga. Rīga offers extensive opportunities of entertainment and recreation, opening more than just a visit of cinema, nightclub or restaurant. Rīga tempts the locals and guests alike by countless items on its entertainment ‘menu’, the most vivid of which are its architecture, taste, and adventures in culture.

The most popular spots for sightseeing concentrate, largely, around the heart of the town – Vecrīga or Old Town, where one of its greatest riches – the most prominent churches and their spires are hidden.  The highest of them belongs to St. Peter’s church, which is one of the prominent objects featured on every must-see list for anyone who desires to get a closer view of the capital of Latvia.

Almost neighbouring the St. Peter’s church, the narrow, winding streets of the Old Town will take you to the Dome of Rīga – the Rīga Cathedral and, further, to the Castle of Rīga, and other no less important objects of interest in town. Variants of places to see are uncountable as well as the ways how to do it.

In order to view the landmark sites in Rīga from a fresh angle, to discover more than it is usual, in a less habitual mode and manner, we suggest a round by river and canals aboard of one of our passenger boats.  ‘Rigabycanal’ – it is a project of transport and sightseeing which is offering customers journeys by Rīga Canal and river Daugava in the hotter months of the year.  ‘Rigabycanal’ pleasure boats invite passengers to take individual and group trips alike.

Take a view of the town from a different perspective by boarding one of ‘Rigabycanal’ tour boats! Chose a tour by ‘Darling’, ‘Maria’, ‘Rebecca’, or ‘Laima’! The special, historic design of the boats will add a particular mood to your trip and a guarantee that your site-seeing of town will be memorable and satisfying! The most popular sites of Rīga now will be known to you! And another important moment – these landmarks of the town will set off your journey as an excellent photo background!

You are interest to see the historic center of Rīga? As part of the boat trip route which is offered, you will see and appreciate the most popular sites in the center of town, found in the Old Town as well as on the left bank of river Daugava. The viewing landmarks in Rīga – leisurely gliding by the surface of water, the bridges of Rīga, the contours of Vecrīga and Andrejosta will unroll in front of your eyes, just of few of all the delights, which ‘Rigabycanal’ boat trips can offer.

As you travel by boat, do not miss a view of the legendary Central Market (Centrāltirgus), which is featured in the tourist guide among ten best things to do in Rīga for free. In its time, Rīga Central Market was one of the largest and most modernized market places around the globe – surely, a noteworthy fact to merit a seeing!

They say that Rīga is a town which never sleeps in the summer season – so busy it is with events, the dash, the next thing to do and to celebrate! The most popular venues in Rīga never stop to be peopled – day or night! The hot season is when you can absorb the bubbling rhythm of Latvian capital’s life the most vividly, surrounded, in the streets, and parks and other places of recreation by lively throngs of tourists, who wish to enjoy the advantages of this place just as much as its locals.

The citizens of Rīga and its guests chose this town not only as a weekend trip destination, but also as place to celebrate their most important life events in. It is a fact known to us as well, and, therefore, the floating decks of ‘Rigabycanal’ boats can serve as the venue for your gatherings. A most beautiful evening of celebration can be opened by a boat trip, or, quite the opposite, it can turn out to be the perfect dessert to conclude an adventurous day.

What can be done in Rīga? What should be seen in a town offering so many opportunities and diversions? Get to know Rīga as its guest or discover it anew as one of its time-tested citizens! Experience the most popular landmarks of Rīga by a boat trip through town canal and water routes of river Daugava as it reveals the parts of the town yet unknown with truly many valuable and exciting findings in store!