Its rich cultural heritage is one of the things Riga can be proud of. The heritage, which is manifested through historical building, monuments, parks and squares is readily appreciated not only by those who call this city their home, but also by guests from far and wide, who call themselves tourists and crave to see the riches of Riga and experience its attractions. 

In most cases the city houses its jewels of architecture in its heart – Old Riga. The most popular sightseeing attractions are located in Old Riga, St. Peter’s Church to name one, which boasts the tallest church spire of the old town’s skyline. What is more important, the city is not at all short of churches, which are included in the lists of landmarks for tourists – just start exploring them!

TOP sightseeing locations in Riga most favoured by tourists – churches and spires included, the list is not at all exhaustive. The list of top landmarks of the city of Riga also mentions the newly built National Library of Latvia – the Castle of Light – which stands right opposite Old Riga, on the left bank of the River Daugava, as well as the one and only Freedom Monument in the very heart of the city.  

Explore the most popular landmarks of Riga, but do it in a less traditional way! One of the variants is to see the picturesque city scenery from aboard of a boat. A tourism project “Rigabycanal”, which is located in the centre of Riga offers boat trips, boat excursions and entertainment tours.  

tour guide, website, has surveyed TOP 10 things to do in Riga. Not in vain one of these things is a suggestion to choose a canal boat as a means of transport for seeing the city, because the Riga Canal, which forms a circle and the River Daugava are ideally suitable for seeing the city centre on a relaxing tour by boat. 

Should you wish to become familiar with the historical centre of Riga, take the opportunity to see the city skyline by boarding a boat of “Rigabycanal”, which nobly and serenely floats the city canal and the River Daugava. The departure point and boarding is from a specially tailored pier at Bastejkalns.  

“Rigabycanal” offers four watercraft – the historical “Darling”, and three ECO boats  “Rebeka”, “Maria” and “Laima”. See the sightseeing highlights of Riga in a way which might reveal yet unknown treasures, which are worth seeing, to the eyes of a tourist!

During the tour you will be able to see the already mentioned sightseeing highlights of Riga, TOP landmarks – St. Peter’s Church spire, the National Library of Latvia, the Freedom Monument and many other objects which are a must to see if you have decided to establish closer relations with Riga City.

The National Opera House of Latvia, the Central Market, Spikeri (ancient warehouses) District, the picturesque Old Town, Riga passenger terminal and Andrejosta, Riga Freeport Administration, Kronvalds Park, National Theatre of Latvia and finally – Bastejkalns. It is possible to see all these sightseeing highlights of Riga from aboard a boat within just an hour. 

An educational and truly entertaining hour that you will spend aboard the boat will let you become familiar with Riga, TOP landmarks and perhaps discover parts of the city which you were not aware of earlier. Not only you can enrich your knowledge during the tour but also spend good time together with your dearest ones – friends, family, classmates or colleagues!

Collective boat tours are ideal for celebrations and fun atmosphere. A crazy birthday party, bachelorette or bachelor party accompanied with an unforgettable boat ride. It is possible that the best photos of the evening will be those taken aboard the boat with sightseeing highlights of Riga and picturesque city skyline in the background. See Riga – relax, educate yourself and enjoy it!