A tourist guide is an irreplaceable assistant at the times when only limited time is available for seeing a country or a city and one wishes to see as much as possible. Certainly, it is not reasonable to spend time and money on something that will not eventually fulfil one’s expectations therefore better check the city guide before reaching your destination!

Tourism website Meeting.lv states that it is exactly the capital of Latvia, Riga, where the main sightseeing objects of Latvia are concentrated therefore it is possible to see them all within a short period of time. The article maintains that it is even possible to visit many of the landmarks within one day as they are located more or less in the same place – the Old Town of Riga or its vicinity.  

Riga Guide will answer the questions of what to see and experience in the city, where to relax and where to entertain. The answers are given but it remains with you to decide how to fulfil your plans! 

If Riga Guide is already in your pocket and you have chosen the attractions and landmarks to see, it only has to be decided how to do it. Walk on foot? Ride a bicycle? Or perhaps use the waterways and see the attractions from the board of a canal ship! 

“Rigabycanal” tours with canal ships will be the best option for you if you wish to see the most famous landmarks of Riga from a completely different vantage point – to see the Riga, which would normally remain in the background. 

“Rigabycanal” water tours take you along the city canal and the River Daugava – the trip lasts one hour during which you can see the most popular monuments of architecture and history in Old Riga and on the left bank of the River Daugava. Are you interested? If yes, board the ship at Bastejkalns. Relax, entertain and learn new things about the city! 

Riga Guide traditionally includes the unchangeable and imperishable values of the city, which are also incorporated in the canal ship tour of “Rigabycanal”! The National Theatre of Latvia, Andrejosta, Riga Castle, the statue of Great Kristaps, the National Library of Latvia, the National Opera House of Latvia, the Freedom Monument, Riga Central Market – yet it is but a small part of the list recommended for sightseeing for anyone who has visited the capital of Latvia or is just planning to do so. 

It is possible to take ship tours both individually and within a group. Group and individual excursions along waterways are offered on four cruise and passenger ships of “Rigabycanal” – “Darling”, “Maria”, “Laima” and “Rebeka”.

To make your planned trip even more pleasant go on it together with your closest people. A romantic date with your beloved, a fun evening together with your best friends or an excursion full of knowledge together with your classmates – what will you prefer? Riga Guide provides suggestions for different travellers regardless of their origin or reasons for arrival in this city. The guide comprises everything a traveller might need; it is full of sightseeing, entertainment, recreation, eating out and shopping recommendations. It is all presented to you – you just have to decide when and how to pursue your wishes!

Once you have experiences the most popular sightseeing routes and ways the time has come for trying out waterways. “Rigabycanal” excursion tour takes you along the city canal and the River Daugava, giving to you an opportunity to see the picturesque Old Riga and the outstanding makes of architecture situated on both banks of the river. Hurry up and be on your way!