To see the “jewels” of Riga, you just have to take a walk or a ride in the city.

The ways of touring Riga are diverse. But instead of using your car, bicycle or overcrowded public transport we suggest that you choose waterways, which will allow you to avoid your regular traffic jam and see the city from a different vantage point.

Boating in Riga, tours on the city canal and the River Daugava provide with an opportunity of moving around without unnecessary stress and crowding, as well as getting to know the city better, relaxing, entertaining or celebrating a special event of your life.
Based on the extensive opportunities presented by Riga and the huge public interest, the tourism project “Rigabycanal” repeatedly, season by season offers entertainment and recreation tours by boat on Riga Canal and the River Daugava. “Rigabycanal” has four boats to offer  – “Darling”, “Maria”, “Rebeka” and “Laima”, each being able to carry 8-19 passengers.
Choose a boat and take a tour – alone, with your family, friends or colleagues – it is possible to hire boats both individually and for group trips. Throw a party for your friends or join a tourist group!

Taking a boat trip allows you to see and become acquainted with the most popular landmarks of Riga located in the very heart of the city – the Old Town and on the left bank of the River Daugava – within just an hour.

A city boat ride starts at the pier near Bastejkalns – it located only a hundred meters from the Freedom Monument, which is one of the numerous landmarks to see. After exploring Bastejkalns and the Freedom Monument, the boat will take you to see the National Opera House of Latvia, the ceaseless bustle of Riga Central Market, Spikeri (ancient warehouses) District, the National Library of Latvia, picturesque Old Town, the statue of Great Kristaps, Riga Castle, passenger terminal, Andrejosta, Freeport Administration and Kronvalds Park, finalising the boat trip around Riga together with  “Rigabycanal” with the National Theatre of Latvia.

Latvian tourism website provides a list of TOP 10 Latvian tourism destinations, the Old Town of Riga among others. And not in vain, because the Old Town and the city centre house numerous landmarks and objects, which might serve as a good starting point for becoming closely acquainted not only with Riga but with the entire Latvia!   

The route of “Rigabycanal” boats with its attractions guarantee sights that pass unnoticed and unexplored for the majority of Riga citizens. Daily rush and busyness do not allow locals establish closer relations with the city that they call their home. However, to get away from the daily routine, to relax, to celebrate a special occasion and to expand one’s knowledge, it is only necessary to change one’s usual type of commuting with something new – a canal boat! Canal boat routes in Riga are intended both for the city’s guests and inhabitants!